Think about your hardware. Your server room. Your network. Sleek? Efficient? Or like many organisations, a mishmash of legacy kit? Server upon server. Bolted together technology.

It can all end up a bit Heath Robinson. Leads and lights and boxes. Expensive to maintain too. A familiar story?

And not only are layers of infrastructure and ‘physical server sprawl’ expensive to support (non-virtualised organisations will typically spend 70% of their IT budget just maintaining the existing infrastructure), but performance, availability and disaster recovery can become dreadfully compromised.

Innovation and flexibility are threatened too as you channel more and more cash at keeping your system working.

The Many Quick and Cost Effective Benefits of Virtualisation

With everyone’s eyes these days fixed on the Cloud here’s another option. Something that’s closer to home and with many quick and cost effective benefits.

In effect your own private cloud loaded with flexibility, growth potential and full hardware redundancy.


You’re doubtless familiar with the concept. That virtualisation enables many applications, each in their own virtual machine to run on a single server.

That virtualisation means you can:

  • Run a number of virtual machines on a single physical server
  • Consolidate multiple applications on a single server
  • Reduce server, storage, and network hardware costs
  • Save on support time and costs
  • Save money on software licences
  • Save on energy bills
  • Simplify management

Quite a list.

But appreciating the benefits of virtualisation is one thing. Knowing how to put a virtualised system in place to access those benefits is another matter altogether.

That’s where we come in; alongside Microsoft Hyper-V,VMWare ESX and HP Enterprise StoreVirtual.

Together we create better, safer, lower cost IT systems.

Virtualisation Q&A

Less a question of whether we can help you, more a question of how.

So whether you just need a little information, a question of consolidation across servers, a question of virtual machine densities, of disaster recovery or improved storage or memory access.

Or… you are planning a virtualisation project and want to take a detailed look at both the hardware and software implications – talk to us.

We already help dozens of organisations, plan, prepare and apply successful virtualisation projects.

We can help you too.

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