IT Support ManchesterBusiness IT Support in Manchester

There’s IT support. And there’s IT support. The first a failure, call, fix relationship. The second a partnership. A partnership that recognises business benefit first, technology second. A partner on your side, at your side all day every day plotting, planning protecting. Mapping out better ways for your technology to serve you.

Proactive business IT support. It’s what we do best.

Leaving you to do what you do best – run your business. The IT support you need to operate as efficiently and as profitably as possible – now and in the future.

All Your Technology Needs… All in One Place.

IT support from 24/7 server and system monitoring to pre-emptive hardware swaps. From real-time backups to expert online and telephone support. From disaster recovery to Storagecraft backups to server virtualisation to large volume video backup.

Quiet, confident, professional assurance. Highly attentive.

And when trouble does come calling… we’re ready.

Success – Built On Certainty

But we’re not just problem solvers. We’re a strategic partner too. We’re problem preventers. IT strategy, best practices, procurement and preventative support that helps you wring every last ounce of performance, every last penny of value from your IT investment.

Success – Built On Reputation

You don’t need us to tell you how frustrating downtime is. How expensive. How tough it can be to lose mission critical data.

If you’ve ever suffered backup failure, system glitches and crashes you’ll know all too well the pain and the price of IT issues.

It doesn’t have to be that way. And for our many clients it isn’t.

Success – Built on Investment

Less a job, more a lifestyle. ALL our team are fully committed. Fully trained too. Serious investment in our technical staff says we’re 100% serious about supporting your business. Microsoft, Apple, Google and Storagecraft certified.

The benefits to you?

  • Problems solved quicker – 75% of technical issues are responded to within 1 hour. 100% of urgent multi-user issues are responded to immediately. We class these are ‘Drop-Everything’ events.
  • Problems solved better – 98% of all support calls made to the helpdesk are taken by trained technicians. The remaining 2% are answered by our reception team during the busy period.
  • Problems solved before they’re even problems – we’re expert at spotting technical issue before they impact.
  • A broader, deeper range of IT support options than you can factor into your business thinking. IT support equipped to handle whatever challenges come your way.

The Only IT Support You Need

When all you need is rock solid IT support – quick, efficient and cost effective IT support. Then all you need is SaaSAge.

We already do it for dozens of delighted clients all over the UK. We can do it for you too.

Call us now on 0161 820 7533 to find out more.