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Technology fails. Systems crash, screens freeze, data… disappears – it happens. We all know that. And because it happens, chances are you’ll have contracted an IT services company or run an IT Services team in-house to deal with those kinds of things.

Hand on heart though is your IT support as good as it could be? Does your IT Services team provide the breadth of service, the hands on experience or the insight to really take you where you need to go?

Not just in responding to matters of urgency but also in the preventative work, the system security, data management and especially in the planning for futures requirements.

The strategic connectivity, data storage and system resilience thinking that your business will doubtless rely on, if not now, then in the not so distant future.

Business Focused IT Services

Why the focus on business?

Because there’s a common misconception that IT Services is all about technology. It’s not. Modern IT Services is about doing good business. At SaaSAge we simply happen to use technology to help our clients realise those business goals.

The bits, the bytes, the sonic screwdrivers and the rest – sure, of course that all comes into play. We’re geeks at heart. The technology is a given. But where we differ from most is that we understand clearly that the technology is the means to the end. The mechanism. For you the ultimate objective is better business, faster business, safer business, more profitable business. For us the ultimate objective is helping you achieve that.

When all’s said and done IT Services is all about bottom line.

IT Supported Business Services

Partnering some of the biggest names in the tech world – names such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, Google, Unifi and Storagecraft means that whatever the business need we’ll have the technology to meet it.

IT services from 24/7 server and system monitoring to pre-emptive hardware swaps. From real-time backups to expert online and telephone support. From disaster recovery to Storagecraft backups to server virtualisation to large volume video backup whatever’s required we’ll apply the technology to do it.

Manchester’s No 1 IT Services Company

It’s a bold claim but a claim that our ever increasing band of loyal, long term clients will happily support. After all, you don’t get to be rated as Google’s No 1 IT Services provider in Manchester by accident.

Many try. Few compete. None compare.

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